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Tower Twenty was born on the westside of Los Angeles during the Fall months of 2020. With a year defined by a global pandemic, racial and social injustices, and the most controversial political election in modern history – we, like many of you, were looking to put all of this built up tension into something positive. Something productive. Something that we can take charge and control the outcome of - at a time when things seemed to be spiraling completely out of control. We decided to take the reins back and use all of the extra spare time to build something that we’re truly passionate about. That “something” is Tower Twenty.


Tower Twenty was built with a purpose. That purpose? Giving all of the carefully curated brands and products that we truly believe in a place to meet and live. Brands that have a defining set of values, and stay true to those. Whether it's surfing, music, traveling, sustainability - we value authenticity. We want to provide a one-stop shop for like-minded individuals who crave something different, something more refined, and something you can't just find at your local mall. The type of clothing that you can wear all day at the beach and go straight into a night out on the evening, still looking better than the rest of the room. A style that's sophisticated enough to meet her parents, yet casual enough to grab a few beverages at the local dive. You get the point. And you agree. We agree too.


But we soon realized that for a concept that is relatively simple, there were too many stores that missed the mark, at least in our opinion. Who knows, maybe we’re too picky. Maybe we’re too hard to please. But at a time when options are seemingly endless, I think we have a right to be. And you do too. Don't settle.


We’re here to make that search a little bit easier for you. By only partnering with brands that align with our tastes and values, we promise you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of pages of - excuse my French – shit, just to find one shirt you think you like, only to see Joe from Accounting wearing the same one at the holiday party. Joe’s a good guy, but, be better than Joe.


With that being said, there’s a certain middle ground between being Joe from Accounting and trying too hard, and that’s what we’re here for. Products for your everyday man that’ll give you that extra pep in your step that you’ve been looking for. Let us do the work and curate the products for you. Trust us, we won’t let you down. Meet you at Tower Twenty.